OWNERSHIP the book is full of the initialism of what OWNERSHIP means along with personal stories to give example to the power of maintain ownership over your life. Regardless if a business owner or not, your personal life is your #1 business and you need to make it such.

This book is the foundation to the coaching practice, podcast and the additional books to follow.


OWNERSHIP the book is being published by Hay House sister publisher and out early 2024. We can’t wait to host book signings and share it with you.  It’s been two years in the making!


“This is not like other self-help books full of fluffy optimistic quotes, affirmations and general wellness tips. This is bigger and deeper than that. We are going to challenge your soul, heart and mind to expand and hold yourself accountable for rising up. Dare I say even enlightenment.  I want you to get out of yourself, go higher, reach for the ultimate soul version of yourself and all those around you become better because of the beacon of light you are.  You just got promoted and today you start your new job as becoming the best version of yourself and that doesn’t mean not flawed. Quite the contrary, it means looking at the whole picture like a business and leaning into the challenges, getting a head of potential issues and mitigating risk so that you can have the most optimal chance for success and future growth, whatever that looks like for you.” -From Introduction of OWNERSHIP by Allison Andrews Canter