Benefits of coaching: Ownership of your life, Purpose, clarity, and overall wellness in daily life.

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Side effects can include:


-Self Awareness



-Work/ life balance

-Increased mental health

-More Progress

-More Action

-More Decisive

-More Confidence

-More Personal Success

“What Value did you receive from OWNERSHIP coaching and from Allison?”


“To think more. Think outside the box. I have never had a coaching session so I was not sure what to expect. I still practice the breathing exercise she suggested and continue to practice digging deeper. Loved how you can have clear empathy without saying a word. I felt understood with out being judged or just cheer me on without the crazy hoorah!”

-V. Client


“Allison was incredibly thoughtful, open, and empowering during our sessions.  I needed help in a plethora of areas before I began work after maternity leave.  Allison and her Take Ownership program created a multi-faceted approach that allowed me to tackle being a mother of two, a professional, a wife, and a human with her own needs.  Allison worked her magic and allowed me to see where I can take control while offering accountability along the way.  I could not believe the progress we made together and how much she helped kick start a better life for me and my family.  I am so grateful. 💛” 

-P. Client